Cell Site Lease Investment

According to Cell Tower Gold there are approximately cell site lease 370,000 investment opportunities in the United States. Add Canada and the rest of the world and the number of cell site lease investment opportunities is staggering. If you are a North American you will probably want to limit your cell site lease investment work to the USA and Canada and work with native speakers for these investments in other lands. Cell phone towers hold the relay stations that are the backbone of any mobile phone grid. Phone companies own just a few percent of these sites and lease the rest. Many lease owners are perfectly happy with their situation and not amenable to selling their lease and/or property. However, as the number cited from Cell Tower Gold above shows, there are an awful lot of cell site lease investment opportunities available from people who may well be willing and anxious to sell their lease.

Finding Cell Phone Towers

Look up when you drive around. Cell sites are on building tops, towers, and hill tops. Take a look online at www.AntennaSearch.com. You will find these sites within easy reach of your own home and business. A trip to the county tax office may give you more information as will a query of commercial realtors in case a property with a cell site is currently being offered for sale. If you are serious about seeking out cell site lease investment opportunities you will want to develop a list of cell site lease owners and contact them to see who might be interested in selling and under what conditions and prices.

Finding Investors

There are several ways of profiting from cell phone tower leases. You can purchase a cell site and the lease and receive payments for the remainder of the contract, commonly twenty-five years. As these contracts often have escalator clauses, the payments will often increase year by year. This aspect of cell site lease investment may also be attractive to other investors. However, many investors are perfectly happy to let you do the leg work in obtaining the investment. Develop a list of individuals who would like to add a cell tower lease or two to their investment portfolio. Then you will have the option of making a short term profit on your work on a cell site lease investment.

Getting Started

Trial and error may work in finding and exploiting a cell site lease investment and it may not. Learning a little about how this all works is more likely to get you off on the right foot. Take the online course offered by Cell Tower Gold and learn how cell site lease investment is profitably done, what the various options are, and what are the pitfalls to avoid along the way. Think in terms of four steps to cell phone tower profits and sign up for the Cell Tower Gold course.

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