Develop a Forex Trading System

If a beginning trader wishes to profit from fluctuations in the US Dollar, Swiss franc or Euro versus other currencies he will need to develop a Forex trading system. Although it is possible to let a team of traders and programmers develop a Forex trading system for you it is important that any foreign currency trader understands the ins and outs of the system. Even if you plan to purchase a trading system it is an excellent exercise to think through the various aspects of foreign currency trading in order to put things in perspective. So, if you are going to develop a Forex trading system or purchase one “off the shelf” what are the important parts?

Which Currency Pair and When

People trade foreign currencies for two basic reasons. Companies doing business internationally need to exchange currencies in order to make and receive payment for goods and services. These folks follow fundamentals and use Forex technical strategies in order to hedge the risk of currency fluctuation between the signing of a contract and final payment. Currency speculators simply seek to profit from price changes between any given pair of currencies. To a degree it is easier to develop a Forex trading system for hedging currency risk because the trader is only interested in one pair of currencies and one specific time frame. On the other hand a currency speculator will commonly keep his eye on a number of currency pairs in order to trade the most profitable pair at the most profitable time. Thus a speculator will need to allot time to seeking the most profitable pairs to trade and may subscribe to an alert service in order to trade when price action is potentially most profitable.

Which Market to Trade and What Time of Day

The major Forex exchanges are London, New York, and Tokyo. The sum total of their business hours allows a trader, in theory, to trade around the clock. However, humans need sleep. Traders also need prep time to scout out trading opportunities, learn more about trading strategies, review results, and modify their trading system. In order to develop a Forex trading system that works for people, time of day, available hours and organization of work flow are crucial. Folks wishing to trade the post tsunami Yen versus other currencies may wish to work during Tokyo business hours while those trading the British Pound may wish to work London business hours. For a trader living in Miami, Chicago, Denver, or San Francisco this will require other arrangements in order for the trader to have a personal, social, or family life.

How Much Do You Want To Risk and How Do You Protect Your Money?

Success is never guaranteed in Forex trading. Traders typically trade using a margin account. Then they leverage their trades which can greatly magnify profits but can also magnify losses. Smart traders also use trailing stops in order to lock in gains and avoid disastrous losses. Smart day traders get out of all of their trades at the end of the trading session to avoid getting caught in a big gap when the market opens the next day. Smart traders never put all of their money into one trade and smart traders never look upon what they are doing as gambling. And good traders review their results whether they are trading the Euro and the Greek debt crisis or are knowledgeable about commodities and trading the AUD, and if their system does not work they develop a Forex trading system that does