Euro Zone Debt Resolution

Is Euro Zone debt resolution on the horizon? If so how will Forex markets react? The good news is that the majority of Euro Zone countries have agreed to strict austerity measures and debt talks between Greece and its private creditors are progressing. However, the ever so slow progress towards Euro Zone debt resolution always seems to take two steps forward and one backward. The downward direction of the Euro may or may not be ready to reverse. Currency traders always keep fundamentals in mind and these may, finally, be improving. However, market sentiment is something else. Currency traders as well as investors in stocks, commodities, and real estate have been pretty beaten up over the last couple of years in persistently volatile markets. As the Euro Zone gets its act together, will market sentiment coalesce to create a stronger Euro? Or, will the likelihood of a mini recession due to fiscal discipline scare investors and currency traders alike and result in a continuing decline of the Euro.

Traders who wish to trade the Euro, as well as the US dollar, Chinese Yuan, and a number of other currencies will want to keep in mind that everyone is printing money as a remedy to debt, unemployment, and reduced trade numbers. Forex trading and economic news are always intertwined. However, part of the currency trading puzzle is less obvious. As an example, US treasuries are selling at historically low interest rates. It turns out that a major buyer of US treasuries is the US Federal Reserve. This is part of the so called Bernanke Doctrine. Fed chairman Bernanke is considered one of the world’s experts on the causes of the Great Depression. He is applying measures meant to avoid the same sort of devastating economic contraction as happened in the 1930’s. His measures will tend to keep credit flowing, keep interest rates low, and steadily devalue the US dollar. A major aspect of this is that the Fed used recently printed money to buy US treasuries and to purchase other assets. The European Central Bank is following a similar course and China is said to be financing internal construction projects the same way. A Forex trader will see two forces in motion in the case of Euro Zone debt resolution as well as the US economic recovery, more jobs and currency devaluation.

On one hand traders will review how to invest in Euro and on the other hand those seeing the printing presses run at full speed will continue to consider how to short the Euro. Both approaches may be successful but, if so, it will be a matter of timing. In the short term a policy tailored after the Bernanke doctrine coupled with fiscal discipline may well lead to a timely Euro Zone debt resolution. However, a Euro Zone debt resolution purchased by virtue of the printing press will devalue the Euro over time. Then, the third aspect is that a cheaper Euro will make European products more competitive and lead to a stronger European economy and a rebound of the Euro. Forex traders need to stay tuned in to the evolving Euro Zone debt resolution in order gain profits.