Forex Trend Trading

Currency traders can use a variety of strategies to profit from the Forex markets. Forex trend trading is one of these. Traders using Forex trend trading reason that for periods of time during the day, week, or even month he or she can buy into a rising equity or sell short a falling equity. The trader exits the trade once he or she has made a profit. Using moving averages, the current price, and technical tools such as trading Forex with candlesticks traders take repeated small profits from moving markets.

The Trend and Only the Trend

Pure trend traders simply follow up and down trends, ignoring market fundamentals along the way. They set and reset their trading stops so as not to lose profits when the market turns unexpectedly. A trader waits until technical signals confirm that a trend has been established. Then he or she “rides the wave” until technical signals indicate that a turnaround is likely. A key to profits in Forex trend trading is not to get greedy and simply take profits when they are available. Traders who get too aggressive often lose much of their profits when the market corrects in either direction.

Avoiding Losses in Forex Trend Trading

In order to avoid losses in Forex trend trading, traders only invest a reasonable amount of their trading capital in each trade. They consider how long the trend has lasted and how long it will likely continue and they consider just how volatile the market has become. While aggressive traders may put more into a trade in a volatile market hoping for big profits a conservative trader will commonly limit involvement as volatility rises. Likewise an aggressive trader may seek to stay with a trend “just a little longer” in search of a little more profit while a conservative trader will take his money “off the table,” avoid ulcers, and not risk the profits that he has made. Conservative practitioners of Forex trend trading know that a little profit every day adds up to tidy profits every year and avoid risky situations could lead to the dreaded margin on a Forex account. Steady, conservative income is the key to Forex trend trading.

Sticking with the Plan

As with all trading strategies, those using Forex trend trading need to remember which strategy they are using and to stick with it. The best online Forex day trading strategies only work when applied consistently and in the correct situations. A smart Forex trader devises a strategy, uses the strategy, adjusts the strategy as needed, and profits from the strategy. In using Forex trend trading, successful traders know that a trend starts, lasts for a period of time, and ends. He knows the fundamentals that drive the market and when the price of the currency pair approaches a likely turnaround point, he consults technical factors to assess market sentiment. When technical cues indicate that the buyers are turning into sellers or vice versa the trend trader exits his positions, counts his profits, and waits for the next trend to establish itself.