Four Steps to Cell Phone Tower Profits

There are potential investment gold mines all around. Just go for a drive and look. Look up, that is. A great investment can be a cell phone tower. The first of four steps to cell phone tower profits is to go find the cell towers near you. Why are we talking about cell phone towers? Mobile phone companies pay leases to property owners to use on the tops of buildings, towers on places like athletic fields, and hills in the country. They put up mobile phone masts across the country to insure that cell phone communication is possible throughout their service areas. These deals can be lucrative with a good monthly return as well as guaranteed increases over time. In fact, the first of four steps to cell phone tower profits is to lease space to a mobile phone company and collect the rent checks. But, what if you do not own property? Our four steps to cell phone tower profits really have to do with finding cell phone sites, acquiring those sites, and selling for a handsome profit. There will be some work as well as creative thinking along the way and there can be a pot of gold at the end of the cell phone tower rainbow.

Cell Phone Towers

The mobile phone masts are the backbone of the cell phone industry. They are a necessity and phone companies pay, sometimes dearly, for the privilege of putting a tower on a ridgeline on a farm, at the top of a tall building, or existing radio or TV transmission towers. There are tens of thousands of these sites across the USA and Canada. Cell Tower Gold estimates that over a third of a million sites are available for purchase, rehab, resale, and profits. The first of our four steps to cell phone tower profits is to find these assets.

Where Are the Cell Phone Towers?

Go for a Sunday drive and look around. Bring the kids and make a game of it. Or go online to sites like Talk to the commercial realtors in your city in case a property is available that happens to have a cell tower on it. And, drop it to the country tax office to check the records. The first of our four steps to cell phone tower profits is the find the towers.

Just What Does the Owner Want and Need?

The art of making a successful business deal is to find a solution that makes both parties happy. The owner of a cell phone tower may be happy to sell the lease, sell the property itself with the lease, or sell his whole business, including the cell phone lease. To the extent that you can relieve the current owner of a burden you may have success in your second of four steps to cell phone tower profits.

Value Enhancement

There are two basic ways to make a business more profitable or an asset more valuable. One is to increase income. The other is to reduce costs. If you can purchase a property with a cell tower on it and find a way to reduce taxes you will have increased the value of that asset. If you can take over property that is vacant and fill it with new businesses you increase the value of the property. This sort of “rehabbing” is common in the real estate industry and can be used as one of four steps to cell phone tower profits.

There Are People Looking to Buy Cell Towers

The prospect of owning a cell tower, collecting lease payments, and getting yearly increases in the lease payments is attractive to many investors. As part of your four steps to cell phone tower profits find investors who want these properties and will reward you for finding properties and setting up the deal. Then, with no capital spent, you can profit handsomely in the world of cell phone towers.

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