Guaranteed Forex Profits

Is it possible to find guaranteed Forex profits in today’s currency markets? Is it possible with careful fundamental and technical analysis of Forex currencies to know for sure where prices are going? Folks who promote algorithmic Forex trading insist that guaranteed Forex profits are waiting for you if you simply follow their routine. There are lots of Forex scams that claim guaranteed Forex profits as well. But, we are looking at the real world of day to day Forex trading to see where there might be guaranteed Forex profits.

Are There Really Guaranteed Forex Profits?

Are There Really Guaranteed Forex Profits?

Crisis and Crisis Resolution

Will the Ruble revive was a question we posed at the height of the Russia-Ukraine-Crimea crisis. At the time we wrote that article the Ruble was worth 2.81 cents and it now trades at over 2.9 cents. That is a roughly three and a half percent gain. If one had decided in early May of this year that Russian President Putin was not crazy but rather cunning one may well have decided that there were guaranteed Forex profits in banking on a short term recovery of the Ruble against the US dollar. Things have stabilized in Ukraine but no one is especially happy with the Russian annexation of Crimea and direct foreign investment in Russia will probably suffer for some time. There are no guaranteed Forex profits, to our way of thinking, in a longer term run up of the Ruble unless the Russian Federation stops using its military to solve problems with its next door neighbors.

Mounting Debt

The United States went to war in Asia after the 9/11 attacks. Anyone with a clear memory of the Vietnam era would have recognized the evolving conditions for a devalued US dollar. There were guaranteed Forex profits for anyone who was willing to short the dollar over the longer term as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq evolved into a broader war against terrorism. Along the way one had to keep an eye on US monetary policy and interest rates but the longer term view is that when a nation spends in excess its currency suffers.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of currency pairs can be very profitable, providing that the trader is skilled at reading the signals and never trades until he or she sees confirmation of the signal. This requires patience. There are not guaranteed Forex profits in trading incessantly. But, there can be guaranteed Forex profits from astute analysis of price movement, confirmed by knowledge of real world events. Technical analysis takes advantage of market inefficiency and is an excellent way to make money in Forex in the short term.

A Contrarian View

Sometimes markets seem to go crazy. They rise or fall without apparent good reason. Traders follow traders who follow traders. When these situations arise a contrarian trader analyzes the fundamentals and places a trade or two that will become profitable when the market corrects. There can be guaranteed Forex profits in this approach for those who can see the truth while everyone else is chasing phantom numbers of a trading screen.