Learn How to Day Trade Forex

The exchange of foreign currencies occurs in the Forex market. This market stretches around the world with the major trading centers being London, New York and Tokyo. World currencies with values in the trillions of dollars are exchanged each day. World and national events drive prices and it can be very profitable to speculate in trading currencies. In order to take advantage of this opportunity one needs to learn to day trade Forex. This is online Foreign Exchange trading. Here are the basic steps.

  • Learn how the foreign exchange markets work.
  • Sign up with a Forex broker.
  • Purchase trading software that is compatible with that of the broker.
  • Obtain computer hardware, a trade station, and a fast internet connection capable of moving the large amounts of data needed for online trading.
  • Develop trading skills using simulation trading on the trade station.
  • Consider an online tutorial to help learn to day trade Forex.
  • Choose a currency pair or pairs to trade and start learning the economic and central banking factors that drive the relative prices of the two currencies in the pair.

A successful Forex trading system requires planning, attentive execution and adjustments as trading results dictate. But, when you learn to day trade Forex you can tap into a system with the potential for huge profits for those who simply show up to work each day and pay attention to the details!

Nut and Bolts

As with all business endeavors, when you learn to day trade Forex, there are details, the nuts and bolts of the operation. When setting up a trade station ask questions, especially of your broker as you need to have software that is compatible with his system. Do not be afraid to spend a few dollars on a Forex coach at least in the beginning in order to learn from the mistakes of others and not from your own. That having been said, foreign exchange is traded currency to currency. A trader buys one currency with the other. Traders use both fundamental and technical analysis to predict where prices are headed. Because relative currency rates fluctuate in small amounts, one trades with leverage. This allows the savvy trader to profit from rather small variations in a currency pair from moment to moment. If you want to learn to day trade Forex profitably you need to learn the ins and outs of your chosen currency pair. You also want to decide when to trade, as Forex is traded virtually around the clock in London, New York, and Tokyo. Remember that the degree of interest in a given currency pair may vary from market to market, especially for minor currency pairs. This may determine where you trade. On the other hand if you want to learn to day trade Forex in addition to keeping your day job you may find that time constraints dictate where and when you trade.

Trading Psychology 101

When you really learn to day trade Forex you learn to read group psychology. This is technical analysis of market sentiment. Understanding the Forex markets is more than reading central bank pronouncements and trade figures. It is watching the minute by minute changes in a currency pair and understanding the statistically based trade signals that tell you when to buy and when to sell. With technical analysis a trader attempts to take advantage of the inefficiencies that occur continually in the Forex market. Learn to read these signals and you learn to day trade Forex.