Profiting from Cell Phone Tower Leases

An attractive investment opportunity is leasing sites for cell phone towers. If you have a hilltop on your farm, a tall building in a city or town, or open space on which to build a tower, you may already be profiting from cell phone towers. On the other hand Cell Tower Gold tells us that of the hundreds of thousands of cell phone tower sites in the USA, about 370,000 properties may be available for purchase. Profiting from cell phone tower leases may be as simple as purchasing property and a lease. Many investors would like to receive lease payments for a cell site. These typically pay well and commonly cell tower leases have an escalator clause so that payments increase every year. These investments are similar to buying dividend stocks that do not increase in value but provide a comfortable rate of return year after year. Other ways of profiting from cell phone tower leases include flipping properties or having a buyer lined up and setting up the deal. We recently wrote about four steps to cell phone tower profits. If this subject interests you read on. And, consider the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold.


Cell towers hold mobile phone masts. These are the relay stations in the mobile phone grid. They are placed close enough to each other so that ideally there is unbroken reception throughout the phone network. You can typically find the cell phone sites in your area by going for a drive and looking up at buildings and towers. You can also go online on Although a small percentage of cell phone towers are owned outright by the phone networks, over ninety percent are privately owned and the land or space is leased to the phone company. These leases are long term and commonly have an escalator clause to at least keep up with inflation, or better.

Profiting from Cell Tower Leases

Your first step in profiting from cell tower leases is to find cell towers and their owners. Find out if the person is happy with his or her situation or if there are issues that you can exploit in order to gain a cell phone lease or even an entire property. Many times profiting from cell tower leases involves a bit of rehabbing which is common to the real estate industry. A failing business may need a cash infusion as may a growing business. If you are willing to pay a lump sum for the right to a cell tower lease, with or without the total property, you may gain access to long term lease payments. If you have a buyer lined up you may be able to negotiate payment of a percentage of the deal, your expenses, and payment for your time. There are, in fact, investors who like this sort of property and who will pay to have someone else do the leg work.

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