Profiting from Cellular Site Leases

With 370,000 cell sites as investment opportunities in the USA, profiting from cell site leases simply requires a basic skill set, attention to detail and a bit of hard work. Here we discuss several approaches for profiting from cellular site leases. It can be as simple as purchasing a cell tower lease and underlying property and collecting lease payments. Or it may be a matter of finding an owner who needs cash and wants to dump his lease and property. Buy this discounted property, rehab it, and sell it for a nice profit. Profiting from cellular tower leases may also include buying a large number of these and converting them into securities (stock) for sale to interested investors. In fact, an investor who likes dividend stocks may just be interested in profiting from cellular site leases by purchasing a few shares to add to his investment portfolio.

Buy and Hold

If you are nearing retirement you will often think of dividend stocks and other solid investments that send routinely provide you with cash. This is the case when you have one or more properties that have cell phone relays. These leases commonly run for twenty-five years or more and often have escalator clauses that give you periodic increases in your income stream. In this case you will use your cell site lease investment for retirement income.

Buy and Sell

Cell Tower Gold tells us that of the hundreds of thousands of cell site leases in the USA, over a third of a million represent investment opportunities. The key here is to find sites, talk to owners, and make a deal that satisfies the current owner and leaves substantial room for profit for you. The key is to find distress properties with cell tower leases. Find out what the owner needs and wants and work out a deal. Rehab the property as you would with any real estate rehab deal. Then find an investor who will pay for the property and enjoy your profits. In this case you will need to learn a bit about the industry and the best way to do this is to take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn how to find promising properties, approach owners, and structure deals. Learn how to find final stage buyers before you go hunting for cell sites.

More Sophisticated Investment Strategies

Cell tower lease securities are an excellent means of profiting from cellular site leases. As with any business endeavor there is nothing especially difficult about any single step in the process. But, one needs to learn the steps, avoid the pitfalls, and find out how to structure things along the way in order to maximize profit and minimize risk. As with a buy and sell approach, you will need to learn to spot the best opportunities, most effectively approach owners, and structure deals. Then you will need to learn how to securitize these investments. As with the buy and sell approach, having investors in your back pocket before you start makes things easier and more profitable.

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