Rate of Return on Cell Site Lease Investment

The best rate of return on cell site lease investment occurs when you complete a deal and never use any of your own money. Cell sites are the nodes on the mobile phone grid. Cell phone companies only own a small percent of these sites and lease the rest. A profitable business is to seek out cell sites and lease holders in order to find out who might be interested in selling their lease and or property. According to Cell Tower Gold there may be as many as 370,000 sites available for investment in the USA alone. There are several ways to make money with cell tower site leasing. One is to simply purchase a lease and collect lease payments. Another is to find an attractive site and lease, purchase it, rehab the site, and sell it for a profit. An excellent way to obtain the best rate of return on cell site lease investment is to find someone who wishes to build a portfolio of these leases. Using their cash as collateral or credit is can be possible to seek out cell sites, arrange deals, and collect payment for time and effort without putting any of your money on the table.

Finding Sites, Approaching Owners, and Making Deals

An excellent way to jump start a cell tower lease business is to take the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn how to scout out cell sites, find out who owns the lease, effectively approach the current lease holder, and create deals that are attractive to all concerned. Learn how to do this and gain the maximum rate of return on cell site lease investment, both in time and money. As with any business one can learn by trial and error and one can listen to an expert and avoid common pitfalls. The best rate of return on cell site lease investment will be when you can most effectively pick cell sites, most successfully approach owners, and most cost effectively create deals.

Finding Buyers

The best rate of return on cell site lease investing is when you do not use any of your own funds. This is possible when you have a connection to an end buyer. There are companies that develop portfolios of cell tower lease securities. They may do this simply as an investment or may do so specifically to create securities which they then market to interested end investors. Such securities commonly pay a dividend based on lease payments and have a par value based on income and site value. Keep your investment low and your rate of return on cell site lease investment high by partnering with such a buyer. If your goal is to profit from buying and selling cell site leases having the buyer from the first makes the whole business easier and more profitable. If you have questions check with Cell Tower Gold.

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