Sound Cell Site Investing Principles

Sound investments start with sound fundamental analysis. To make money with cell tower site leasing , start by taking the course offered by Cell Tower Gold. Learn from the experts how to scout out cell tower sites, find out who owns these sites, and efficiently approach these owners to find out if they are willing to sell. Learn from Cell Tower Gold how to structure deals and guarantee yourself a healthy return on your invested time and effort. There are several approaches for profiting from cell phone tower leases . Start by checking out cell towers and lease holders near you.

Look Around, and Up

Start by learning about the cell tower network. Cell towers hold mobile phone masts. These are the relay stations in the mobile phone grid. They are placed close enough to each other so that ideally there is unbroken reception throughout the phone network. You can typically find the cell phone sites in your area by going for a drive and looking up at buildings and towers. You can also go online on Although a small percentage of cell phone towers are owned outright by the phone networks, over ninety percent are privately owned and the land or space is leased to the phone company. These leases are long term and commonly have an escalator clause to at least keep up with inflation, or better. Apply sound cell site investing principles and profit from the opportunity.

The Scope of the Business

Cell Tower Gold tells us that of cell phone tower sites in the USA alone roughly 370,000 properties may be available for purchase. You can purchase a site and collect lease payments. You can buy, rehab the property and sell for a profit. Or you can collect these sites in an investment portfolio and convert into securities which you can in turn sell. Much of this is covered in f our steps to cell phone tower profits . If this subject interests you read on. And, consider the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold.

Sound Cell Site Lease Investing Principles

Start in this business with good advice and a clear view or what is involved. Take the Cell Tower Gold course and learn how to find sites, value them, approach owners, structure deals that are attractive to all concerned and profitable for you. Learn how to guarantee that you will profit from whatever deal that you structure. A wise man once said that there was no problem that could not be solved in a quiet room with paper and pencil at hand. The world has moved on the computers and the internet but the same idea holds true for sound cell site investing principles. Learn how the system works. Do your homework in finding cell sites and owners willing to sell. Learn to creatively and profitable structure deals. And learn to set up a system of investors who will be glad to take these properties or securities off your hands once you have done the work of setting things up. Cell site lease investment can be very profitable. Do your homework, apply sound cell site lease investing principles at each step, and count your profits.

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