Where to Get Important Forex News

Where to get important Forex news is an integral part of a successful Forex trading system. We list here seven good sources of current news, sound analysis, and useful insights. The online sites we suggest include Bloomberg, Business Week, CNBC, CNNMoney, the Financial Times, Forbes.com Breaking News, and Reuters Business and Finance. Traders in foreign currency markets will want to stay tuned in to economic and political events around the world. They will want, especially, to stay in touch with what is happening in the two nations that comprise their most traded currency pair. Finding out where to get important Forex news that fits the trader’s currency pair and staying in touch with the news will give the trader a decided advantage in Forex trading.

Where to get important Forex news has a bit to do with what pairs you trade and if they are major or minor pairs. Reuters and Bloomberg are well respected sources of international news. Reuters gives a broader scope to its coverage and Bloomberg is exclusively devoted to business news of the world ladled out according to regions. Forbes is a good source of up to date financial information and includes news feeds from the likes of the Associated Press. The Financial Times has a strictly international scope to its news while CNNMoney focuses on US financial news. CNBC cover both international and national news. In general all of these sources will cover major events and within seconds of each other. Where to get important Forex news will be with more with CNNMoney for US dollar news and more with the Financial Times for minor currency pairs. Good Forex advice is to read these sources and get into a routine of updating your trading strategy based upon current news.

Successful Forex trading requires technical skill in reading market trends and reversals. It also requires an overall appreciation of what specifically drives the prices in a given currency pair. Whether it is the monetary policy of a country or recent election results such as the Republican comeback in US mid term elections having a clear idea of how the news may change the value of a given currency is crucial for successful trading. Where to get important Forex news may vary depending upon what currencies the trader trades but having a routine and keeping updated with the Forex news will allow the trader to more effectively profitably apply technical analysis to price changes in the foreign currency markets. Forex strategy and the Forex news are irrevocably intertwined. Knowing where to get important Forex news should be at the top of anyone’s “to do” list if they are not already tuned in to these important news sources. The reader will notice that the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are missing from the above list. They are excellent news sources but are largely focused on in depth reporting. As such both make a great addition to the breakfast table on a Sunday morning as the trader takes a break from the trade station and widens his reading horizon.